The Helioport

The HelioPort’s stunning canopy is designed conveniently and efficiently to charge electric vehicles while providing protection and shade. Our scalable design lets you charge a single electric vehicle or a fleet of vehicles. The HelioPort is sold as either canopies, or as a building/wall mounted system.


The HelioPort includes highly efficient photovoltaic panels which capture the sun’s rays. The HelioPort converts these rays into DC current, which can be directly plugged into Electric Vehicles for instant charging. When the Electric Vehicle is in use, the generated electricity can be used to run other electrical appliances in the home or business.


Even on the cloudiest days, the sun still radiates some energy, which can be utilized to power vehicles. But, even when radiation is insufficient such as at night or on extremely overcast days, the HelioPort will know to draw power from your normal power resource to ensure that you have a constant flow of electricity into the vehicle.


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