Helioport Performance

Helioport Performance


HelioPort Efficiency

The HelioPort utilizes highly efficient photovoltaic panels to ensure that the system draws maximum energy from the sun.

Additionally, the system’s ‘Intelligent Design’ ensures that, when no power is being drawn from the sun, the HelioPort immediately draws from your conventional energy resource when recharging your electric vehicle.

Architectural Design

The HelioPort canopy is designed with aesthetics in mind to complement building architecture. The canopy is also structurally designed to withstand harsh elements while providing superior protection for vehicles . Speciliased PV panels are utilised to provide an attractive, transparent canopy roof.

As an alternative to our canopy design, Heliogen can provide easily installable wall or roof mounted system to blend in with existing building architecture.

Intelligent Monitoring


The HelioPort lets you monitor your car’s energy consumption and charge status remotely, either through the web or on your mobile phone.You’ll be able to tell how much energy you are drawing from the suns ray’s vs. conventional sources at any point in time.



Installation is straightforward and may be carried out by our installation team or by your own contractor.



The HelioPort’s steel frame is constructed to withstand the effects of severe storms and is designed in accordance with local and international best practice. Additionally, the HelioPort’s modular design makes it easy to relocate should the need arise.

The HelioPort’s photovoltaic panels require only minimal periodic cleaning.